after last year going alone for a few days hike to majorca, this year a friend accompanied me.

maybe you’ll ask yourself why I traveled to majorca again….

Well, here’re a few reasons:

majorca is very close to where I live, 2,5h flight from hamburg, germany
flights are cheap
very diverse landscape in a „small“ area
mild clime, even during europe winter up to 20 ° celsius

we went for a 3nights trip and rented a van to be mobile and get in short time all over the island.
before we flew, we researched and made a plan to where we wanted to go to and at which time we wanted to be there.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.49.32 PM

after we spend 1,5day´s and one night in the mountains, the mountains were covered by clouds almost the whole day, we drove to
cap formentor in hope to find better weather.

unfortunately the weather was not better…..

I remembered a remote beach where I’ve been with my wife a couple years ago.
we spend the last 2nights at that beach, with beautiful weather, and were able to hike and to take a few photos.

if you’ve some questions or you’re interested to attend in a
landscape-/night-/ adventure photography trip, leave me a message.

head over to the blog of the very talented johannes bergmann to see his stunning images